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Day 22

Slipping into old habits. Haven’t written the journal for a week now. Same routine wake up late, dashing to work without time for anything else in the morning. It’s alarmingly important now that I start waking up early. Since it’s also work-from-home, I’m practically dashing into work without even taking a shower. On most days […]

Day 17

Thursday I tried making ice-cream yesterday. For some reason. I don’t have any equipment except a freezer. So I just mixed milk, cream and honey. Put it in the freezer and kept churning it over and over. It ended up hard as a rock anyway. And it just smelled like sour raw milk. Actually the […]

Day 14

Woke up at 9.30. I was talking with S till late night – 🙂 happily. I Went to my mom’s place for lunch yesterday and a neighbour also gave me food – which I kept for dinner. I ate way too much yesterday and drunk one litre of mango juice. My sister and her whole […]

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