Spinach-Peas Rice

Ingredients 1 cup basmati rice Fistful of green peas Spinach puree 3 cups of chopped spinach leaves 5 cloves of garlic Half inch of ginger (peeled) 2 green chilly Fistful of mint leaves Fistful of coriander leaves 1 onion – sliced 1 tomato – chopped Spices 1 bay leaf 4 cloves 1″ piece cinnamon 2 […]

How to Stock Your Fridge

Very early on after I started cooking my own food, I realized I can’t just leave vegetables and fruits lying around. They rot, smell disgusting and attract flies. Also, you’ll have to waste all the rotten produce and shop more often. So I got a fridge and life’s way better after that. I’ve started purchasing […]

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