Day 22

Slipping into old habits. Haven’t written the journal for a week now. Same routine wake up late, dashing to work without time for anything else in the morning. It’s alarmingly important now that I start waking up early. Since it’s also work-from-home, I’m practically dashing into work without even taking a shower. On most days I have no excuse whatsoever to stay awake late at night. I’m a single lonely guy. I can go to sleep at 9 at night and no one to interrupt me. Yet I stay up doing stupid useless things. I just have way too many bad habits about myself that I don’t even know where to start and end fixing them.

Had two customer issues at work yesterday. I have to send root cause reports for both. Those are stressing and annoying reports to send out. But one of them is my mistake. I saw the scope for that to occur long back and just ignored it instead of fixing right away. It blew up now. Procrastination is a *itch. Well, what to say now. How to swallow my pride and send out those embarrassing reports. But I gotta do it. It was my mistake.

I should also cook food today. I’ve been skipping making proper food for a week now too. I’m planning to make a one-pot dal kichdi with some vegetables. I need to start doing something to reduce my weight. I’m 25 kgs overweight. They say it’s safe to lose 1 kg a week. That seems so achievable and yet years of gone by and I haven’t lost a gram.

Ok so I need to include cooking and an hour of piano practice in today. I hope it will make me feel better over the mistake I did at work.

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