Day 17


I tried making ice-cream yesterday. For some reason. I don’t have any equipment except a freezer. So I just mixed milk, cream and honey. Put it in the freezer and kept churning it over and over. It ended up hard as a rock anyway. And it just smelled like sour raw milk. Actually the first batch, I added some chocolate in, but it immediately curdled the milk. I had to throw it away and make a second one. Only to get a rock hard slab of milk.

I’m thinking if I can play a little happy birthday song on piano and send to S. It’s her birthday today. I want to do so many things. Maybe give her a gift. Make a meal for her. But I don’t think she’ll be happy about it. I should get my mind out of it.

Some soft work is pending at office. Clean up the management interfaces. Make a couple calls. I like Thursdays as far as work is concerned. It has the perfect productivity mindset. The right amount of urgency sets in as the week ends tomorrow.

The woodworking has gone behind again. What’s the challenge in completing it? The sweat. The sweat is worsened by the wood dust flying around. That’s why it’s so discouraging. It’s not just do and go – I have to set aside at least 3 hours – For doing the actual wood work and then cleaning up and bathing.

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