Day 10

Same drill. It’s almost as if nothing is changing. Terrible day yesterday. That bitter argument with S. Ordering take-out out of sheer temptation (now I’ve be be worrying for a few days). Stayed up watching movies till late night 3 O clock. I don’t even know when I went to sleep. Very crappy movies that too.

Woke up at around 10 O clock. It’s my mom’s birthday. And right out of the bat, I woke up to a ton of guilting messages from my parents. I don’t understand how they think me not being married is the root of all their problems. Spoiled my whole day though.

And work was hectic. I should complete a ton of work by the weekend. I need to go buy a saree for my mom – for her birthday. And maybe bring my midi cable and hard disk from home when I come back. I’m in no mood to talk to S today. I think I’ll just whine and put her off if I do.

I don’t think I will find any time for woodworking. It’s been paused again now. I should somehow find the acrylic colors to paint the stand. Lots to do not enough time. I can probably get something to eat when I go home. So won’t have to cook today.

Not too keen on writing much now. Let’s see what the day holds.

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