Day 8

Woke up a bit earlier today. A bit after 8 AM. The good thing today is that I didn’t wake up with any urge to go out and smoke. I popped in a nicotine lozenge and got to watching YouTube videos right away. Just to keep myself occupied and engaged. I’ve had 2 lozenges so far and already feeling slightly weird. Even when I use nicotine lozenges, I still feel a weird withdrawal effect when I don’t smoke. A slightly heavy head and drowsiness. It already seems like I’ve been smokefree for such a long time – but it’s actually been only a couple of hours. God I’m such an addict.

Ok just one day. Just today. One single day let me be smoke free. We’ll worry about tomorrow when it comes. I just have to while time away and go to sleep tonight without smoking. The urge is strongest right after eating. One thing I can do is to have a break between cooking and eating. Eat in a chill mood and then spend sometime watching a movie or something right after eating.

In the woodworking front, I made some good progress yesterday. I finished all the cuts. I have to glue up the plywood strips for the stand legs and make the angle cuts for design. I think by doing it for an hour everyday, I can make way more progress than waiting for the weekends. Should wait for a couple of days and then go look for supplies. Door handles and hinges are required.

I did not practice piano yesterday. Because I had not done anything, I had to wash clothes and clean the kitchen after the woodworking time. Today I can practice some piano I suppose.

Okay it’s getting late let me get to work now. Need to cook food and start office work.

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