Day 7

I forgot to write the journal today. It’s already afternoon. But ok I just remembered and got to it right away. Thank God I didn’t miss the one week milestone.

So about yesterday. I had planned 3 things and did 1. 😦 I purchased the weighing scale, didn’t get the acrylic colors. But I neither did the desk/stand nor did I do any office work. I was simply watching TV, sleeping and chatting with S most of the day. The office people didn’t even call for online games. I didn’t cook either. Ate two packs of masala buns. I made some cool mushroom sliders for dinners.

I woke up very late again today. At about 9 o clock. I should bring all these things back into control before the lockdown ends. Can’t make a habit out of waking up so late. But on the upside. I woke up quite fresh and energetic today. Did I forget the journal because of that? I weight myself in the morning. 89.8 kgs. Let’s make it an even 90 kgs. I’m 5’4″ so I should be weighing around 65 kgs I think. Just 25 kgs overweight. Not bad :p

A quick internet search suggests me that I can lose the extra 25 kgs in a year – practically thinking. Maybe I should try. But I haven’t even given up smoking yet. It’s about time. I have to make a decision and stick to it. I don’t know what it will take for me to quit smoking. But I really keep trying but rather poorly. The first time temptation strikes I give up. Is it because I really don’t make a plan and just jump into it on a whim? Maybe I should calm down, take a deep breath and then to this carefully with a plan.

… Sorry long call from the office. These calls and requests are getting more ridiculous by the day. Did people really work all these days without knowing even trivial things? Half the questions I get asked are ridiculously stupid …

Anyway, I should raise these two pull requests today and then try to make the desk/stand in the evening. Hope the apartment people won’t start creating a problem if I do some work in the late evening. I need to find out if I can get a chimney fitted during the lockdown. I also need a pressure cooker and a couple of utensils for cooking non-vegetarian food. Yes I’m going to keep separate utensils for veg and non-veg food. Once I do these, I can finally have some well deserved biryani.

I must get started on finding out about the chimney and woodworking supplies. And more importantly whether I will be able to buy plywood in this time. I will need some plywood to keep going on with the woodworking. It seems so far away now. Hope they reopen the shops. I need my woodworking supplies, plywood and laminate sheets. I wish someone gives me food .. or it becomes okay to order take-out.

One week done. Journal commitment going alright!

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