The Beginning of a New Journey

Tomorrow’s my birthday. And I’m not happy with the life I have lived so far. I have only complaints about myself. I’ve been taking almost everything for granted in my life. I’ve never committed myself to anything. I don’t have a single iota of self discipline.

I’m sitting here in the COVID-19 lockdown – all alone in my empty flat. Almost 2 years since my girlfriend broke up with me. With absolutely no direction to move forward with my life, grappling to hold on to something. Just floating along.

I’m 35. Single. Male.

I probably have pages and pages to write about my past – whine about things… But that’s not why I started this journal. I’m starting this journal to turn over a new leaf. To introspect and answer my own questions. To make a life out of my being. People have started new hobbies, new YouTube channels, Instagram feeds .. what not! So I’ve decided to do something too. I’m getting back to the basics. And simply take control of my life, rather than being happy (or unhappy) about what I’ve been dealt.

So why am I writing this on a blog? Just so that I don’t forget.

Slow and steady. One step at a time. Good night.

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